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Benefits Of Getting A Monthly Facial

Skincare : March 23, 2020

What is your skin concern? Acne? Anti-aging? Hyper-pigmentation?

Dehydration, was my main skin struggle, along with hyper-pigmentation. I started getting facials praying that it would combat my forever running trend of dryness. I found that it really helped control my skin.

My dehydration is now under control since I’ve been paying attention and educating myself on what type of skin I have and what products work with my particular condition. I became so engrossed in how to maintain my skin’s health. My passion for skin led me to help others improve their own regiment. Anyone can benefit from facials and here’s why:

So why should YOU get a facial monthly?

1) Facials increase blood circulation under the skin by massaging and can prevent aging.

As Estheticians, we study the skin and the various conditions. We’re versed in what products to use and how to use them. We’re trained to massage the skin properly, which can stimulate your skin cells and allow skin rejuvenation to take place. Think of a facial as a skin booster. :)

2) A monthly consultation from your esthetician on what habits and products you should be using on your skin for improvement.

The more you’re willing, to be honest about how you take care of your skin and your commitment to yourself, helps build a relationship with me or a fellow esthetician. Knowing more will help improve the condition of your skin and over time the results will begin to speak volumes from your profile.

3) Extractions not only help your acne, clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, and shrink pores, but also allow whatever skincare products you apply to your face to penetrate deeper and make them even more effective.

Extractions can do what your scrubs at home can't. Never had an extraction? Basically, I’ll begin by first opening your pores with enzymatic steam. After your pores have been opened, I will proceed to look at the skin with a loop-a device with a magnifying glass and a bright light. This aids me in seeing your skin — some of what you may not see at home. I will then soak the infected area to help bring the sebum and dirt to the surface of the skin. Then gingerly remove any clogged pores one by one with a specialized skincare needle. They're kind of painful but it is the most effective step in a facial. Just be careful to never try this yourself or with anyone else who is not properly trained. It will cause even more damage to the skin.

After extractions, your skin will usually take two to seven days for the inflammation and redness to go down. So if you're planning on getting one before a special occasion, get it done a week in advance.

The bottom line skin turnover in-between facials are every 28 days, a healthy regiment for a facial is every 4 weeks. Getting a facial monthly will help increase the health of your skin dramatically.

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